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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)



Results you actually see in your bank account!

If you have been burned in the past with SEO we understand. We have opened the code on so many websites by companies charging for SEO without actually doing any SEO. It costs nothing to call us and get a quote that will probably make you sad you didn’t find us earlier. But, that’s okay. You’re here now and we are ready to take care of you!

"Red Leaf has been helping us for years now, and the difference in our numbers is astounding!"

Yes and no. A few different ways for yes would be – the easiest paid Ads! However, that is not always in the budget. With the help of Google Maps, technical SEO code, SCHEMA, YouTube videos, social media posts -with keywords included in them- and your business name all working together can have you on page one fast. But, the plan is different for everyone. The competition is different for everyone. You cannot guarantee anything until you have real results coming in. And the time it takes to get there, that differs too. The amount to work both parties contribute will determine your page one result status and time to get there. Be ready to go on a journey!

We can’t.

Have we ever failed to produce results? No.

But, if anyone does “guarantee”, they are lying to you.

Will we be straightforward and tell you exactly what needs to be done in order to be successful?


If you are ready to work with us to be successful, call today!


We maintain websites for many clients monthly. And again, we make sure to tailor your SEO plan to your needs. Not every business is the same and even competing companies have different competitive advantages and together we will find yours and stand out from the rest!

That is the best part!

When you have solid SEO coding in the back end of your website as well as content that speaks directly to your target market on the front end, it is easy to take over high ranking SERP positions for local business searches. We have many SEO clients that show up above Yelp, Trip Advisor, Angie’s List, Home Advisor and even Amazon!

SEO Maintenance

Monthly SEO to keep your website running smooth & up to date with all current trends

The reason we have a dedicated website designer, dedicated SEO specialist and dedicated network technician is because we all speak a different language.

With a formal degree in marketing and optimized their first website in 2005, you are in good hands when it comes to our specialist doing your SEO right! Not only that. Our trusted clients have access to our Google Partner Ads Manager account and have the opportunity to set up Google Ads. We tailor the Google Ads on an individual client basis. It is a lot of work and it requires commitment from both parties to be successful.

We are invested in you, LONG TERM. And we figured out the formula to make our client websites successful lead generators!