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Have you checked your Google Ads assets lately?

I started running Google Ads in 2011. I used to jump on “Hangouts” with my rep – over there at Headquarters in California and he taught me how to build campaigns from scratch.

I was in there DAILY! Changing bid amounts for keywords. So, I apologize for being what I used to hate; stuck in my ways! But, let me tell you what. Because of my knowledge, the fact that I have tiny budgets & big budgets and I micromanage my campaigns I see EVERYTHING! And I mean EVERYTHING!

So on February 25th, Google automatically created assets.

And that happened despite the fact that when I read my Search Engine Land morning email saying “yo, Google is trying to auto create assets”… I was in there like swimwear making sure that was OFF!

Date range Google added automatic assets to my account even though they were off
Even if your settings say Off Google has Automatically Created Assets
A screen shot of Google Ads automatically creating assets

I should have shown the asinine “assets” Google automatically created for me that instantly shot my blood pressure through the roof. I DON’T WANT ANY OF THOSE!


OMG. Google did it. But I said not to! It is set to OFF! Not a single thing in the Change History about an automatic change to my settings. It’s been off! Since it was added to my campaign settings.

So onto my next account. I have 14 of these accounts I personally micromanage.


So, before I sit here for the next hour or so without moving, eating or drinking, making sure every one of these awful creations have been REMOVED. I thought I would hop on here, tell y’all about it and post it wherever I can so HOPEFULLY you go find these things and turn them off NOW!

Thank GOODNESS I didn’t get up for the rocket launch. I would have probably slacked off and missed this today! But God Speed Crew 6!


A few of my accounts & some campaigns within the same accounts DID NOT get hit! I’m currently trying to figure out what pattern matches when it comes to differences in how the accounts are set up and the campaigns. I haven’t been able to find one yet and if you think you have found a pattern, PLEASE reply on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook! My webmaster doesn’t want a bunch of emails or comments LOL!